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Jyotika’s Bio

A creative artist who specializes in contemporary watercolor, oil and acrylic paintings using vibrant colors and stylized strokes inspired by nature and life experiences. 

Jyotika received the 9th Annual Award of the International Society of Acrylic Painters-Florida (ISAP-FL).  Her wide range of art frequently portrays Indian, southern European or Latin American subjects.  Her paintings, landscapes, seascapes, flowers, still life, animals, birds, and figures are displayed in many private collections and art galleries.

Jyotika’s work is characterized by the use of vibrant colors and stylized strokes and is a combination of impressionism with a touch of realism. She skillfully captures the beauty inherent in the world around us and she strives to remind us all to pause, reflect and take notice of what is beautiful in our world to nourish the mind and soul. Growing up in a family of commercial artists and photographers she was surrounded, and fascinated, by the visual arts. Her art is inspired by her early life in India, travels to several countries and personal experience of various cultures. 

A graduate in Fine Arts from the prestigious Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai, India  followed by a degree in Graphic Designing from the Foothill College, California she built a successful career as a professional Graphic designer in San Jose, California and St. Louis, Missouri for over 20 years. Her professional journey has taken her from creating marketing materials, through designing brochures, catalogs and Journals, to medical and science books for an integrated publishing company. She moved to Tampa, Florida in 2008 and since then has rekindled her passion for capturing the world on a canvas.

Awards/ Exhibitions

•  The 9th Annual 2014 International Society of Acrylic Painters-Florida (ISAP-FL) Award. 

•  Award for outstanding Vocational Education promotional project, 

•  NAVTEC Communication Competition, Columbia, Missouri, 1996

•  The 2014 Annual Juror show, Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg, Florida, 2015

•  “Figure it Out!” at Dazzio Art Experience. Featuring Works by Professional Artists, Instructors & Accomplished Students, St. Petersburg, Florida, 2015

•  Tarpon Springs Zip N Ship, Tarpon Springs, Florida, 2014-15

•  Fine Arts America Website Link


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